Sam M. from San Francisco, CA on November 01, 2017

"Can't say enough about musical playground! Highly recommend!"

Grounded playing music

Nolan L. from San Francisco, CA on November 10, 2017

"To play is to explore a space -- physical, virtual, musical -- without fear of consequences. When we play, we take risks that we cannot take when we work, and therefore we end up learning much faster from our mistakes, from our serendipitous successes, and from those who are playing alongside us. Because we all enter with this playful spirit in mind, MP is the ideal environment for musical exploration, risk, growth, discovery, and connection with any instrument, any voice, and every skill level."

MP is pretty sweet!

Eric S from Culver City, CA on 10/16/2017

"For me, ‘play’ is an essential part of musical playground, and what it makes it so fulfilling. To seriously play you need opportunities to try new things and step outside your comfort zone, and a safe space where it’s OK to make mistakes. This is the magic of Musical Playground.>

I like how I am exposed to so many different musical instruments, styles, techniques, and talents. I’ve found that playing music with others is a great way to learn and grow musically. I like the challenge and it’s remarkable how much I’ve grown – much faster and more fun than trying to figure things out on my own.

The community is so warm and supportive that there isn’t the pressure to be perfect. It’s a very encouraging environment, and it’s also inspiring to see others grow. The power of the “jam” is incredible too – those moments when everybody comes together and the music takes on a life of its own. It’s moving, energizing, primal. As if that weren’t enough I’ve formed some very good friendships too!"