What is musical playground?

MP was founded on the simple truth that it’s much more fun to MAKE MUSIC TOGETHER.

musical playground is:

An opportunity to jam with other musicians of all levels in an ego-free environment.

A place to build community through music.

Who is musical playground for?


Seasoned musicians who want to try out new material in a group or enjoy teaching and mentoring journeyman musicians.


Folks that may have played for years but don’t have time to join a band or even practice (this is the majority of MPers).


Musicians who have always wanted to learn and may even have a guitar/ukelele collecting dust in the living room corner.

in other words...


What happens at musical playground?

Pick a song.

Everyone picks a song they want the group to cover.

Learn the music

We pull up the chords / lyrics and take a few minutes to learn the parts.

Make it work.

With whatever instruments we have, we’ll play our version of the song end-to-end.

Learn something special!

We also host periodic workshops to deep-dive into specific areas that MPers want to learn, such as:

  • Intro to Songwriting
  • Harmonica 101
  • Guitar soloing: from campfire strumming to lead soloist

MPers have a lot to say! Take a look at our reviews!

Wow, this sounds amazing!

How do I join?

We knew you'd be interested!

Check out our events page for a list of upcoming events,


Visit the MusicalPlaygroundSF Facebook page and request an invite to our private group.

Wow, I love MP!

How can I be 'all MP' all the time?

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